Audio Blocks

Beat Blocks is a tangible interface for a rhythm sequencer. The user is able to create and manipulate a 4-track drum loop by physically re-arranging wooden blocks within a 4x4 grid.
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Audio d-touch is a collection of applications for real-time musical composition and performance, with very special user interfaces. The collection includes a drum machine and a sampling sequencer, both are controlled by spatially arranging physical objects on an interactive table surface. More info and installers at:
see video

Percussa AudioCubes are a platform for audio-visual creation and exploration. each containing its own self-powered wireless computer system. More info is available at

Labyrints for hyperfilm

"Labyrinths is a software suite that acts as a platform for musicians and film-makers to structure, then perform, hypertextual works of film in real-time." by Evan Boehm. See project site.


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