Technology v. Fashion, Mind Controlled Dress

Technology v. Fashion. Why not a mind-controlled dress that rearranges itself? And it exist in did, fashion designer Nange Magro with passion for electronic garments and latex presented in her futuristic collection Mechapolypse a mind controlled reactive dress. More in specific, as Nange Magro explains, 'the project Mechapolypse is about a dress that lights up and changes shape depending on the level of brain concentration.'

Augmented Shadow

Augmented Shadow is installation by Joon Moon who is using tangible objects in a new and poetic way, by elaborating on the fact that shadows present distorted silhouettes depending on the light.

Daniel Wolpert: The real reason for brains

This talk is as "water on my mill". According to neuroscientist Daniel Wolpert : the brain evolved, not to think or feel, but to control movement. Follow his convincing arguments on TED.

Scott Snibbe presents Björk's Biophilia

"Media artist and develpoer Scott Snibbe present Björk's Biophilia - the first app album - and discusses how the emergence of music apps for mobile devices promises to reacquaint listeners with an immersive, intimate music experience that has been lost in the age of the digital download. He will particularly share Björk's view, which he enthusiastically embraces, on how technology can bring people closer to nature and music" via Picnic Festival on Vimeo

New Kinect hack: The virtual guitar

This Kinect hack is a fully functional virtual guitar on the screen. Written in c++ using openFrameworks and openCV for image processing. Using the ofxKinect addon and the libfreenect. More info via hack's autor: Chris Oshea

How does the augmented reality work?

Jack Graham as part of a series on augmented reality explaining the details via Latitude Research.
(Image courtesy of daisy’s flickr)


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