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The EyeWriter project using open source technology to help paralysed artists.

2 Animal projections by Karolina Sobecka

It is something special with this two public projections of Karolina Sobecka maybe it is the contrast between the animal nature and the humans in the city she amplifie in her work. This two are my favourite projections in urban environment.

Sniff f is a 3D interactive dog projected against a shop window in New York. Project by Karolina Sobecka with software development by Jim George. Sniff is reacting on by-passers movement. "He will follow you, react to your gestures, try to discern if you're a friend of a foe and try to engage you in a play". Built with openFrameworks and Unity3d Game Engine, which renders the dog in real time and allows to dynamically change his behavior based on the video tracking data. Interview with Karolina:

Wildlife are night projections from moving cars visible on the city buildings . Each car projects a video of a wild animal. The animal's movements are programmed to correspond to the speed of the car. The framerate of the movie corresponds to the speed of the wheel rotation, picked up by a sensor. It is poetic juxtaposition between the architecture of the city and the wild animal.

Urban Echo

In each installation, participants send their thoughts and questions via SMS and voicemail. The responses are then projected and added to a dynamic spatialized audio composition.
Christopher Baker wrote a piece of software last year using openFrameworks that can be used for some real-time, large-scale, architecturally-integrated, performance. Via:


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