Kinect + OpenNI = Natural Interaction

"PrimeSense Establishes the OpenNI Standard and Developers Initiative to Bring the World of Natural Interaction to Life
Consortium acts as incubator and community encouraging developers to design, develop, experience and interact to drive the future of Natural Interaction" more info via:
Examples of use OpenNI together which Kinect:
OpenNI with Kinect in Windows 7
MikuMikuDance with OpenNI (Kinect) test
also example with PSDK 5.0 sensor from PrimeSense
OpenNI-compliant real time skeleton tracking by PrimeSense
+ more in
OpenNi gallery

Civilization by Marco Brambilla

Video and background information of this “video mural” produced by Marco Brambilla 2008 as a permanent installation for the new Standard hotel (New York) is available trough


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