Augmented Shadow

Augmented Shadow is installation by Joon Moon who is using tangible objects in a new and poetic way, by elaborating on the fact that shadows present distorted silhouettes depending on the light.

Daniel Wolpert: The real reason for brains

This talk is as "water on my mill". According to neuroscientist Daniel Wolpert : the brain evolved, not to think or feel, but to control movement. Follow his convincing arguments on TED.

Scott Snibbe presents Björk's Biophilia

"Media artist and develpoer Scott Snibbe present Björk's Biophilia - the first app album - and discusses how the emergence of music apps for mobile devices promises to reacquaint listeners with an immersive, intimate music experience that has been lost in the age of the digital download. He will particularly share Björk's view, which he enthusiastically embraces, on how technology can bring people closer to nature and music" via Picnic Festival on Vimeo

New Kinect hack: The virtual guitar

This Kinect hack is a fully functional virtual guitar on the screen. Written in c++ using openFrameworks and openCV for image processing. Using the ofxKinect addon and the libfreenect. More info via hack's autor: Chris Oshea

How does the augmented reality work?

Jack Graham as part of a series on augmented reality explaining the details via Latitude Research.
(Image courtesy of daisy’s flickr)

Audiovisual performances in text mode

2SLEEP1 is a playlist of audiovisual performances in text mode, designed to make you fall asleep. The idea is to show the music being composed in real-time along with typewriter-style animations. Read more via

“Communion”, a generative art piece

“Communion”, a generative piece created by Matt Pyke (Universal Everything) and – Marcus Wendt and Vera-Maria Glahn. Music was written by Simon Pyke and plays an integral part in the piece. The installation is in a rectangular room with 6 separate projection on the walls creating almost a 360º environment. The final piece includes an array or evolving creatures going through stages of development – evolution from simple to complex with human like properties with generative behaviours, deeply immersive and “a celebration of an audio visual synesthetic experience – Marcus. Matt describes the process as instilling living characteristics to the dancing forms, from simple cellular structures through to multi-limbed creatures. Although abstract and unfamiliar, the beings feel alive and part of a community and they express the wonder of nature, the creation of something from nothing, a unique ecosystem . Via Creative Applications Network

Interactive Puppet Prototype with Kinect

Concept and Production by Design I/O; Emily Gobeille - Theo Watson
"The system is doing skeleton tracking on the arm and determining where the shoulder, elbow, and wrist is, using it to control the movement and posture of the giant funky bird" via: Theo Watson on vimeo

Virtual Choir

The Virtual Choir is a global project by Eric Whitacre, a modern composer who pushes the boundaries of musical performance by creating a user-generated online choir. Project collected 2052 self-made recordings of people performing the same song and then recombined these efforts into one collaborative work of art freely available on YouTube.
More info via:

Live Looping with Ableton and Xbox Kinect

Chris Vik's amazing live performance at Microsoft's REMIX11 conference is build on his Kinect/Ableton/Max setup:
• Ableton Live
• NI Massive
• Max/MSP (making useful MIDI data out of the hand coordinates from OSCeleton)
• Behringer FCB1010 (controlling Ableton, ie. looping, switching the Kinect’s instrument etc)

The Kinect was setup using OpenNI, PrimeSense NITE and OSCeleton.
Enjoy the video!

Kinect Beta SDK available

A beta version of the Kinect for Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) is now available.
See Demos from SDK Beta Launch CodeCamp.

'ISAM' live show

Amon Tobin's live audio/visual fantastic visual journey will be presented in selected cities around the world. Designed in conjunction with Blasthaus, VSquared Labs, Vita Motus Design, Leviathan and others.
“It’s by far the most exciting development in my personal quest for some control over nature,” Tobin explains. “Anything from a grain of found sound to my own voice can be transformed into something new.”

Predator Outdoes Kinect At Object Recognition.

Predator created by of Zdenek Kalal as part of his PhD project using nothing but software and standard video cameras . The code is in C and based on MatLab. Predator uses a single function from the OpenCV library and runs on Windows, Mac and Linux!! The software has now been released under a GPL open source licence.


The data : collected by GPS, Fish-eye lens mounted video camera, microphones that put on the car. they are reconstructed as an installation. the direction in the video and real-space are synchronized. Via:

3D models in a new design

Spanish industrial designer and art director Emilio Gomariz has what could be described as a wildly varied portfolio. His animated gif series entitled Extremity is of particular interest. The images are ‘tridimensional collages’ utilizing 3D models (bodies) which Gomariz found floating around the internet.

Sensorial experience, Hiroaki Umeda.

Hiroaki Umeda is a pluridisciplinary artist : choreographer, dancer, sound, image and lighting designer. His work is both minimal and radical, subtle and violent, and is created to be “experienced”. More info via

Music for Flesh

'Music for Flesh I' is a solo piece for augmented muscles sounds
(Xth Sense Biosensing Wearable Technology) by Marco Donnarumma aka TheSAD an Independent New Media and Sonic Arts Composer and Performer. Presentation 01/03 at 21:00 and 02/03 at 01:00 at Alison House, Nicholson Square, Edinburgh. Demo video:
Information about the project:

Chaos and Structure

Moscow based Tatiana Plakhova has added more to her data like Complexity Graphics artworks with a new series entitled Chaos & Structure.
Tatiana's Sublimotion Interview,

Pantomation (1977-1979)

Via Slashdot:
"30 years before words like performance capture, augmented reality, or avatars were around — let alone commonplace — experimental film and video artist Tom DeWitt created a system that features aspects of all of them. Pantomation let users interact in real-time with a digital environment and props. It was built using Apple IIe's, analog video gear, and lots of custom hacking and patching. He's currently working on a holographic 3D system that's similarly ahead of its time."

LPM 2011 Call for artists

LPM - Live Performers Meeting is one of the leading events of live
video, audiovisual performance and new media arts. The IX edition of LPM is in Rome from 19th to 22nd of May, and will be back in Minsk, in september 2011!

LPM crew is looking for live audiovisual performances, vj sets, interactive installations and workshops proposals from artists, practitioners, thinkers and makers involved in LIVE VIDEO.
This year we aim at investigating and presenting some specific strands
of live video practice. Learn more about the new themes of LPM 2011 at:

Ready to participate? The LPM registration form LPM is on-line.
Hurry-up and send to them your project!

Further info at:
Stay tuned and follow LPM on Twitter:

Kinect + OpenNI = Natural Interaction

"PrimeSense Establishes the OpenNI Standard and Developers Initiative to Bring the World of Natural Interaction to Life
Consortium acts as incubator and community encouraging developers to design, develop, experience and interact to drive the future of Natural Interaction" more info via:
Examples of use OpenNI together which Kinect:
OpenNI with Kinect in Windows 7
MikuMikuDance with OpenNI (Kinect) test
also example with PSDK 5.0 sensor from PrimeSense
OpenNI-compliant real time skeleton tracking by PrimeSense
+ more in
OpenNi gallery

Civilization by Marco Brambilla

Video and background information of this “video mural” produced by Marco Brambilla 2008 as a permanent installation for the new Standard hotel (New York) is available trough


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