“Communion”, a generative art piece

“Communion”, a generative piece created by Matt Pyke (Universal Everything) and Field.io – Marcus Wendt and Vera-Maria Glahn. Music was written by Simon Pyke and plays an integral part in the piece. The installation is in a rectangular room with 6 separate projection on the walls creating almost a 360º environment. The final piece includes an array or evolving creatures going through stages of development – evolution from simple to complex with human like properties with generative behaviours, deeply immersive and “a celebration of an audio visual synesthetic experience – Marcus. Matt describes the process as instilling living characteristics to the dancing forms, from simple cellular structures through to multi-limbed creatures. Although abstract and unfamiliar, the beings feel alive and part of a community and they express the wonder of nature, the creation of something from nothing, a unique ecosystem . Via Creative Applications Network


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