"Maping Motion" at The Dundee Master Show

The long silence on the blogg has an explanation in my intensive work during the summer and the preparations for the finale show for "Maping Motion" at The Dundee Master Show from Media Arts & Imaging (University of Dundee).

From the July until the beginning of August 2009 I cooperate during the project with two visual artists: Joanna Stacewicz aka Deftoo and Marco Donnarumma aka S.A.D. This collaboration was essential for my work since the finale application is constructed in Pure Data. Marcos programming skills made it possible to further develop Pure Data patch I started during the Pure Data workshop in Dundee with help from Jamie Allen from Culture Lab. During second part of August I work on photo gallery for the documentation of actions and interactions during the MSC Show Exhibition as an continuously expanding photo gallery combined with a database system.
To accomplish that I get help from Blazej Pindelski programmer, graduate student from Computer Since program at the University of Abertay Dundee.

The finale output: "Shadow Dance" and "Many Frames" are up and running during MSc Show at Visual Research Center/ DCA (Dundee Contemporary Arts)
Dundee UK. Visible From 12-19 September.

"Shadow Dance" – site-specific installation, based on audiences interaction with motion captured corporal movements projected on the screen, build in open source programming language Pure Data and presented as a compiled movement on one frame In web based gallery.

"Many Frames" – is production based on real-time webcam-captured movement presented with a time delay in many different frames at the same time. It is an ongoing investigation on movement’s patterns as well as it is a visual exploration over aesthetic values of singular movement....
Documentation and the research site has extended information: www.0timeline.net


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