Back on the track: Mapping motion

From September 2008 I am a MA student at the University of Dundee on Screendance program.That may explain the temporary silence on this blogg. However I intend to continue with the short visual notes as a highlighted spots of my explorations on dance, performance art, audio visual real time performance and vj culture. That in relation to the physical movement and development of new technologies.

The short resume:
The point of interest in my work is on physical motion and human body as an interface.
My thesis: Mapping motion is a cartography of the idea, a “developer map” (game-design term which refers to a phase of investigation and experimentation). It is as a visual exploration, a library of physical movements navigated through graphical symbolic representations of physical motion.

The motivational parts of the investigations are questions which connect to my former experience as a dancer and performer: What is causing movements authenticity?
Haw to translate and augment physical movement it in to the digital environment whit out looses of emotional presence ? In the context of visual art, real time performance and game development I see the body and the physical movement as an excellent interface extending many senses for the performer, user or viewer.

The perfect scenario for me as a vj will be; to control the visuals by dancing:=) Vj-dancer? As a dancer; to augment the emotional state of movements by visuals. As a dancer and visual artist the perfect scenario vill be if the visuals react on the emotional presence of the movements.


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